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LED Engine Design


Designing new LED Engines poses complex challenges ranging from optical requirements, cooling to the right selection of LEDs. To meet these challenges we have created a custom simulation software which is specifically tailored to this problem. The ability to quickly simulate thousands of engine variations allows us to regularly exceed customer expectations and deliver products which are ahead of the market.

LED Selection

The right LED selection has a huge impact on performance.

Finding the right balance is key to success.

Multi-Color Engines

Whether you are looking for optimization of 4, 5, 6 or 7-Colors or even more – we can simulate them all.

CCT Simulation

Having high CRI and Brightness simultaneously is where our engines stand apart.

xy Color Field Analysis

Color Field analysis accross the entire xy range allows us to move the output where it matters.

PCB Design

PCB Design for Ultra-High power LED sources is a challenge by itself.

Cooling Optimization

LED cooling needs to take into account the entire chain of parts from the LED to the heatsink.

PCB Production

Customer Specific Solutions

Driver Solutions


Our intelligent LED drivers are the perfect fit for our custom LED engines. They offer enough computational performance to do all complex math operations necessary to deliver the highest quality results. The number of drivers, drive voltages and currents can be adapted to match even the most demanding LED engines. With total power ranging from a few hundred Watts to a kilowatt or more they master even big LED source with ease while providing stable output, full color mixing, temperature compensation and much more.

LED Calibration

Stability of the production process requires solid LED calibration.

Temperature Compensation

Good compensation guarantees stability of output throughout the temperature range.

Virtual Control Interfaces

CCT, RGB, CMY, HSI, xy or any other whises? – We can make it happen.

PCB Design

We offer custom driver design to cover your needs.

PCB Production

From prototypes to serial production our in-house SMT line guarantees flexible solutions.

Customer Specific Solutions

Color Math


Controlling multi-color LED engines precisely isn’t easy. LEDs have production tolerances, change Color and spectrum based on temperature and degrade over time. Proper calibration and compensation algorithms are key to controlling such engines correctly. Controlling by itself can also mean many different things from simulation of real spectral sources to mathematical optimisation of the outcome. With years of experience in this field our color math is used to solve all of these issues.

Optimization of Multicolor LED Sources

4, 5, 6 or 7-Color or even more? We can simulate them all and find perfect solutions.

Source Simulation

Spectral simulation becomes more and more important.

Tungsten Simulation

Using high-tech LED to perfectly simulate that classic cozy look of a Tungsten bulb.

Filter Simulation

Spectral simulation of real color filters in front of real sources.


For highest quality white light production we can optimize your product for any CRI metric.

Precise Color Reproduction

Optimization of the entire data chain results in highest possible precision of our engines.

Factory Calibration

Stability of the production process requires solid LED calibration.

Customer Specific Solutions

Missing something? Let us know – we are always looking for new challenges to solve.

Production Systems


To our customers we offer custom-made calibration systems with state-of-the-art spectroscopy software and built-in self calibration ability to achieve stable outcome for every single device. Our systems are fully networked and linked to a cloud database which allows our customers to place as many systems worldwide as desired.

Specific Calibration Systems

Our proprietary calibration systems offer state of the art calibration technology.

Built-In Spectrometer Calibration

Self-Calibration ability of the sensor using custom calibration sources.

Specific Measurement Cycles

Product specific measurement cycles for perfectly reproducable results.

Report Generation for Production

PDF report generation to ship to your customers.

Online Database Support

Worldwide access to the productions database with a history of all manufactured devices.

Multi-Factory & Service Center Options

Support for multiple factories and service centers worldwide.

Costumer Specific Solutions


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